1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair London 2017

04-08 October 2017 Please join us at Booth G27, in the South Wing of Somerset House, London

04 Oct 2017

Artists: Mohamed Lekleti (Morrocco), Soly Cissé (Senegal) & Jenna Burchell (South Africa)

This year the Sulger-Buel Lovell booth is curated by South African art critic and independant curator, Andrew Lamprecht. The exhibition is titled: 'Trop Comprendre' and is derived from a statement made by Soly Cissé (whilst recuperating from a serious operation) where the artist stated that sometimes he felt like he ‘understands the world too much’ (trop comprendre le monde). This sense of weariness (and wariness) as well as the confidence that underscores the statement seems like an accurate representation of the feelings of many African artists today. 

In the choice and contextualisation of art for this presentation, the curator will attempt to forge links between the history and legacy of the ancient African landscape with the challenges that Africans face in terms of the contemporary industrial landscape the social and economic conditions present to those that trace their roots to the continent, wherever they live.

To download the exhibition catalogue, please click the link below.

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