Christine Dixie

Christine Dixie (b.1966) is a printmaker with particular skills in etching, she also extends the boundaries of her medium by working in installation and video, utilizing a variety of matrixes and materials. She completed her under-graduate degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and graduated with her MFA from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently a Senior lecturer in the Fine Art Department at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Dixie has made a philosophical habit of juxtaposing one story against another, leaving the viewer with a sense that they are caught at the intersection of destabilizing narratives. Thematically her works embrace feminist concerns of representation as well as critical interrogations of a colonial landscape tradition. Dixie’s works are founded in historicity while simultaneously highlighting universal contemporary notions and existences. The entwined relationship between space, politics of landscape and the performance and construction of gender are used to reveal underlying social and cultural dynamics.

She has had numerous solo exhibitions; The Gendered Gaze (1993), Parturient Prospects (2007), The Binding (2010) and To be King (2015). Her international group shows iclude Earth Matters: Earth as Metaphor curated by Dr. Christine Kreamer (2007) and Divine Comedy:Heaven, Purgatory and Hell curated by Simon Njami (2012), both of which opened at the Smithsonian Museum of African Art. In 2007 she had a mid-career retrospective exhibition Corporeal Prospects that was held at The Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg.

Her work is included in national and international collections including The New York Public Library, The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, The Standard Bank Gallery, The Johannesburg Art gallery, The Durban Art Gallery and the Iziko Museum of Cape Town.