'The Atrophy and the Ecstasy'

25 Feb 2015 - 11 Apr 2015

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

New solo exhibition of multidiciplinary artist Neill Wright; The Atrophy and the Ecstasy, an exploration of lived absurdity in South Africa.

25 February - 7 March 2015

Opening Reception: 25th February from 6pm

Pop-up Exhibition Preview: 25th February- 7th March 2015 (Garagista Beer co.)

Sulger-Buel Lovell (Cape Town) is proud to present Neill Wright's 4th solo, The Atrophy and the Ecstasy. In this body of work Wright explores and challenges the appropriation, subjugation and commodification of societal belief systems and cultures.

An exploration of lived absurdity

As Wright expresses it, “Much of the current system we inhabit is defined by cultural and spiritual decay, fuelled by promises of instant gratification as epitomized through the ever present pollution of empty sloganeering. Ancient cultures, faiths and belief systems have been annexed by the gospel of prosperity in the pursuit of profit.” 

Wright aims to create a charged and subversive environment where the viewer is immersed in a bright, colourful and playful world while engaging with the complex realities of the South African and African urban-scape. Using visual satire in his interplay of objects, text and imagery his paintings and large-scale wooden sculptures express his experience of the absurdity that surrounds us; “a mishmash of culture, tradition, advertising, religion, fear, desperation and a false sense of hope”.

A bold collaboration

To amplify the theme of blurring of art and commerce, the co-option of the sacred by the profane, the exhibition will make a special pop-up appearance in the Garagista Beer Co. beer gallery (25th February- 7th March) coinciding with the Cape Town Art Fair weekend.

This quirky craft brewery location for the show also serves to celebrate Garagista’s first in their programme of ‘co-brews’ – a concept the brewery is launching with this collaboration between beerpreneur and artist. The brewers have created a pepper-infused saison to complement Wrights’ bold work and the artist has designed the beer label, which speaks directly to the works in this solo show.

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Exhibition views

Some views of the exhibition