Mahi Binebine


Celebrated as a novelist as well as a fine artist, Mahi Binebine is deeply influenced by the experience of growing up in Morocco, and particularly the rich colours, particularly hues of red and blue, that surrounded him as a child.

His works celebrate freedom and reject the imposition of any form of bondage on humanity. Binebine’s paintings use strongly defined line to represent figures in burdened and at other times sensuous juxtapositions. Nevertheless one is always aware of a taut domain of constraint and a desire to break free. The faces of his figures show a mask-like simplicity yet are deeply expressive. Similarly his sculptures use rope to connote broken bodies and the loss of freedom but each figure has unquestionable humanity displayed.

Colour is significant to Binebine, with blue frequently used to represent liberation and transcendence. Line, whether defining the human form, scarification on the body or evoking writing, is ever-present in Binebine’s work, whether in sculpture or in paint.


Mahi Binebine

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