ART15 Global Art Fair

21 May 2015 - 23 May 2015

London, UK

Visit us at Art15 London where we will be exhibiting a solo of South African artist Isabelle Grobler in our Booth (LF9) and the celebrated interactive sound installation HOMING by Jenna Burchell - an Art15 special project.

21- 23 May 2015

Sulger-Buel Lovell is pleased to present South African artists Isabelle Grobler and Jenna Burchell from the 21st May to 23rd May at the global contemporary African art fair, Art15 London. 

Transforming the obsolete 

Isabelle Grobler explores absurdities inherent in the manifestation of power and authority in social and economic relations. She creates surreal environments populated by hybrid machine-organisms constructed from urban debris or depicted through printmaking and mixed media drawings. The residents of this space vacillate, like Frankenstein’s monster, between the threatening and the pathetic, representing a transformation of lifeless objects into unclassifiable beings.

Moments of exchange 

“The growing spaces between people and families as a result of migrant 
labor have come to define the human experience of globalization.” 

Jenna Burchell’s hand-built interactive sound installation Homing questions the concept of what constitutes home and how technology mediates diasporic relationships. The installation consists of a myriad of touch sensitive copper wires stretched from floor to ceiling configured to represent distinct locales through recorded soundscapes. It invites audiences to touch and listen to sounds that invoke individual and shared memories of home, culture and land. 

Booth LF9 at Art15, Olympia London

Fair opening hours: Wed 6pm-9pm, Thurs11am- 6pm, Fri11am- 7pm, Sat 11am- 7pm

Artist walkabouts: 11am & 3pm everyday

  Profile Page (Jenna Burchell)

  Profile Page (Isabelle Grobler)

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